Guitar Expressions Vol. 2


The long wait is finally over!!!

Guitar Expressions 2 is a fun filled collection of original tracks by the one and only – Chris Soto! This album is ready to be a part of your lifestyle! Take a listen and download it, Soto does not disappoint with his musical artistry…


The wait is finally over! Guitar Expressions II is ready and available for immediate download!

3 reviews for Guitar Expressions Vol. 2

  1. Chris Soto

    When I first downloaded Chris Soto’s Guitar Expressions 2 and began listening, a couple of hours went by without me noticing the music on replay! It is delightfully upbeat, happy and pleasant background music both soulful and easy listening. Love it and play it often! – Lisa Bryan

    I can tell an incredible amount of work went into getting this album just perfect. It is amazingly mixed and mastered. Every instrument has their own space. There is no sibilance or harshness even with the highest cymbals. The recording sounds natural, engaging, and defined. The soundstage is not overly deep but nice and wide, including vertical space. The playing and guitar tones are amazing, as can always be expected from Chris. My favorites were Bossa Love, Morning Star, and Uptown Express. If I could boil my impressions down to three words they would be “Tasteful Musical Precision.” – Jeremie Karan

  2. Chris Soto

    Chris Soto is just amazing! His music and presence is felt in every note and song that he writes and performs!

    -The Recording Academy

  3. Chris Soto

    Christian! Estamos muy orgullosos de vos y te amamos muchisimo! Tu música es Pura Vida y te amamos!

    -Toda tu familia aqui en Costa Rica!

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