Unico Rey Remastered - Now Available! Unico Rey Remasterizado - Disponible!

Thank you for visiting Chris Soto Music! We trust you will find our website very easy to navigate and user friendly. Chris’ vision to be a part of your life through his music; adding love, joy, peace and healing through each and every song that he creates, arranges, produces and performs. He thinks about you, the listener; and how his music will add musical enhancements to your life and not take away. His passion is painting a picture in your heart and soul with his brilliant, creative ideas and making you happy with his authentic melodies, harmonies and rhythms that are always emanating from his inner being… With this, enjoy his music!

About Me

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my website! 

I am so honored and grateful for granting me the  opportunity to be a part of your lives by way of my music and artistry!

I love to sing and play my guitar along with my self produced background music tracks to make your event a memorable one!

"Chris Soto displays an easygoing musicality in his impressive self-produced debut project Guitar Expressions Volume 1. His creative compositions are augmented by skillfully crafted arrangements and his compelling guitar work.”