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Chris Soto, is a local Dallas/Fort Worth musician/performer/singer who plays instrumental guitar tunes ranging from original compositions to select cover songs. Sounds will range from Smooth Jazz, Rock, Fusion, to Latin and Spanish guitar sounds. Chris Soto's parents are originally from San Jose Costa Rica and immigrated to New York City, When Chris’ parents found out they were expecting a boy, they traveled to Costa Rica where Chris was born., and then returned to the United States. Raised in Southern California, he has had the opportunity to play and perform with various bands while living and growing up in the city of Los Angeles. Since moving to Texas in 2007, Chris performs at various locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Chris Soto produces, records and performs all of his compositions and selected cover music all under his music label, Cornerstone Records. He would love the opportunity to connect and work with you at your venue or on your music!



PBMAN SAID: Chris Soto displays an easygoing musicality in his impressive self-produced debut project Guitar Expressions Volume 1. His creative compositions are augmented by skillfully crafted arrangements and his compelling guitar work.

MARK NEMIER SAID: If you love smooth jazz fusion, then you will love this project. Chris Soto has created a diverse collection of original tunes that are rich with great emotion and amazing tone. His compositions are relaxed and inviting, true reflections of Chris' songwriting and well honed performance career.

PETER BROOKS SAID: I am a fan! Of the music yes, but also the man. I have had the opportunity to meet Chris personally. He is a gracious man who is easy to hang out with, very approachable, and has a joy about him. This music is a reflection of who he is. You will find yourself wanting to sit and hang out with it, there will be something very approachable about it no matter what your musical tastes are and it will bring you joy as you listen.

LISA N. SAID: From the first moment I heard Chris Soto playing, I’ve loved his blend of upbeat, contemporary jazz. Guitar Expressions Vol. 1 is a wonderful collection of songs as good or better than anything you’ll hear on smooth jazz FM or satellite radio. Having listened to Guitar Expressions Vol. 1 several times, my only question for Chris Soto is, how long is the wait for Vol. 2?


Here is a list of gear Chris uses on various recordings and performances.

* Gibson Les Paul Custom

* Fender American Standard Telecaster

* PRS Guitars

* Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster

* Cordova GP Classical Acoustic

* Frady Acoustic and Electric guitars

* Fender Amplification

* Marshall Amplification

* Various Hand-picked Custom Guitar Pedals/Effects

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